A couple of weeks ago, I received a package from Brilliance Audio.  Inside were five copies of the new audio edition of BERLIN CALLING.  Then last week, another package arrived.  This one contained the new print edition which is currently available for pre-ordering at amazon.com.

Ha! I thought. My book has been published!  Now I’m a legitimate author!

Then I caught myself.  True, these new editions of BERLIN CALLING have benefited from the attention of professional editors and true, these attentions have resulted in corrected errors.  My daughters tell me they like this new cover design better too.  But, the basic story is the same, as are the characters.  “Legitimacy” didn’t come from traditional publication—publication resulted from legitimacy.

There are hundreds, thousands of authors writing good books and bringing them to market through non-traditional channels like Smashwords, Createspace and other vendors.  What makes these books “legit” is the care the authors have taken in crafting their stories, drawing their characters and editing their manuscripts.  BERLIN CALLING is no more “legitimate” than my other books–which have been self-published—and no less.

Am I pleased that BERLIN CALLING was selected by Lake Union Publishing?  Of course!  I’m proud of the book and pleased that Lake Union will use its marketing expertise to expose BERLIN CALLING—and by extension my other books—to a broader clientele.  I’m hoping the new versions of the book in audio, ebook and paperback formats will help guide readers to my other titles as well.

Traditional publication hasn’t changed my talent level, my writing style or my work routine.  I keep spinning stories and writing every day.  Hopefully, it will simply mean that more readers have a chance to enjoy my books—all of them.