Wade’s War

Somebody’s killing Russian expatriates and the FBI is running out of leads. The deeper the FBI digs, the more obstacles it encounters. Wade Brooks isn’t concerned about the capital’s crime rate. Not at all. Wade has fallen under the spell of Evelyn Graham, an alluring staff member of the British Embassy. Wade works for President Roosevelt’s top ally on Capitol Hill and is uniquely positioned to witness America’s tight rope walk between supporting the British and maintaining neutrality in the European War. Wade learns that the characters in pre-war Washington aren’t always what they seem to be as he finds himself ensnared in a web of romance, espionage and intrigue. Wade’s War carries its reader on an ever-accelerating race toward a shattering conclusion!
“Kelly Durham has done it again, but this time his thrills take place on American soil. With a rich cast of characters, Wade’s War takes us to pre-war Washington D.C., a place where even a closest ally could hardly be trusted. As is Durham’s style, his protagonist is quite likable. His female lead, the alluring Evelyn Graham, is equally enjoyable and has a pivotal role. And I must admit, Durham fooled me at the story’s stunning climax. He deftly knocked me out of my shoes and left me wanting more. Here’s hoping Kelly Durham learns to write faster.”

     -Chuck Driskell, author of Demon’s Bluff and To The Lions