The War Widow

Army lieutenant John Petersen is a combat-weary soldier assigned to the International Military Tribunal.  His job is to guard the highest ranking Nazi survivors, including Hermann Goering, and keep them alive until the tribunal can render its judgment. The War Widow follows Petersen from the battlefields of World War II to Nuremberg. There he discovers a shadowy, new world where intrigue, romance and a thriving Black Market intersect with the ripening conflict between East and West.
“A masterful piece of work! The War Widow is the story of the Nuremberg trails so one wouldn’t expect the ending to be a surprise, but it is. Mr. Durham has woven multiple threads of intrigue into his finely executed version of a familiar piece of history. His knowledge and expression of military life propels the reader right into the scene and the character development is top notch from his handling of Herrmann Goering to the despicable Colonel Gaffner. The reader feels as though he’s known these people all his life. The prose is compelling, the pace brisk and, as I said, the ending jerks the rug out from under you.”

     -Scott Skipper Author of Golden State Blues and The Hundred Years Farce



By William Kelly Durham

Narrated By William Kelly Durham

Length: 7 hrs and 24 mins

Release Date: 01-20-16

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By Wayne Ramsey on February 19, 2013

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Another good one by Mr. Durham. A very compelling story all the way thru. If you’ve ever served in the military then you probably had a “Col. Gaffner” at sometime during your career. Also, this book is unique in that we are allowed into the lives of both the accused war criminals and the people who have to manage and guard them. I for one never gave this part too much attention. However, it must’ve been a bureaucratic nightmare to keep these ego-maniacs in some kind of order and here is where Mr.Durham does an excellent job. Who would’ve thought the Reichminister would’ve had a somewhat acceptable personality? In another area, a sort of side bar if you will, the story of the U.S. Officer dealing big time in the black market and the house frau being an agent for the government.

I think it was another one of Mr.Durham’s really good books.