Novels- Stand Alone Sequels

I’m working with cover designer Nat Shane to get two books ready for the marketplace.  They are HOLLYWOOD STARLET, a novella, and TEMPORARY ALLIANCE.  These are prequel and sequel to THE MOVIE STAR AND ME which was published last August.
HOLLYWOOD STARLET is set in 1939 and is the story of a small-town girl, Vera Vance, […]

Still Learning Lessons In Writing

I finished a new story last week—more on that in a minute.  Having completed that project, I finally got around to cleaning out my office.  We’ve been remodeling our house for the past several months.  In the course of that project, we would move stacks of stuff from one room to the next, always attempting […]

Legitimacy– How Getting Traditionally Published Changed my Perception

A couple of weeks ago, I received a package from Brilliance Audio.  Inside were five copies of the new audio edition of BERLIN CALLING.  Then last week, another package arrived.  This one contained the new print edition which is currently available for pre-ordering at
Ha! I thought. My book has been published!  Now I’m a […]

History in Films

Two of my passions are historical fiction and movies.  When you combine those, you can bet that I’ll be buying a ticket.  Over the holidays, I saw two movies with World War II settings.  I’m always eager to view this kind of movie because I recognize that recreating a period in time presents a filmmaker […]

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month is now upon us and it seems like a good time to start (and hopefully finish) a new novel, doesn’t it?  November is a great time to get into the writing spirit and the folks over at NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) picked a wonderful time to motivate to crank out […]

Successful Self-Publishing

It took me quite a while to realize success in self-publishing.  The first task for any of us is to write a good book—after all, that’s really what we’re trying to sell!  But as I learned, successful self-publishing really starts with a marketing plan.  I greatly enjoy writing and I like research too, which is […]

Copy Edit

Since I began working with Miriam Juskowicz and the Lake Union Publishing folks back in May, my book BERLIN CALLING has gone through several pre-publication phases including developmental editing, creation of promotional text, cover design and now copy editing.
In addition, as noted recently, I was also given the chance to provide some suggestions concerning the […]

Brilliance Audio- The Art of Getting Your Book Audio-Ready

Over the Labor Day weekend I received an email from the folks at Lake Union Publishing.  Lake Union is the publisher for my book BERLIN CALLING, the new edition of which will be released in February.  The email included a questionnaire from Brilliance Audio which will produce the audio version of BERLIN CALLING, also scheduled […]

Working With a Book Publicist

Five thousand.  That’s a good estimate of the number of books hitting the market every single day!  The advent of the e-book and the ease of self-publishing have resulted in explosive growth in the number of new books available to readers.  So how do you ensure your book breaks the noise level?  One way is […]

Editing & Editors

When I first started working with traditional publisher Lake Union Publishing in May, my project editor Miriam Juskowicz explained the steps through which my book, BERLIN CALLING, would proceed on its way to publication. One of those steps, arguably the most crucial, was the developmental process.
Keep in mind that up until this point, I’ve been […]

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