Berlin Calling

It’s 1938. Irish-American Maggie O’Dea is bright and beautiful—and she hates the English! Maggie falls for the dashing Kurt Engel and agrees to follow him to Berlin–provided he will help her find a job. Maggie lands a position as assistant to Clive Barnes, an obese and often intoxicated Englishman known over the airwaves as ‘Lord Lyon.’ Barnes broadcasts Nazi propaganda to his homeland each evening. Erich Greinke is an American recruited by WWI hero ‘Wild’ Bill Donovan to report on developments in the German capital. Erich quickly identifies Maggie as an opportunity to penetrate Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels’ inner circle. As Europe plunges into the abyss of world war, Maggie begins to question the guidance she receives from the Ministry and begins to realize she has fallen victim to the very propaganda she has helped create. Caught between her conscience and the Gestapo’s tightening noose, Maggie walks a deadly tight-rope as she navigates between love and loyalty, survival and discovery.
“…There’s chemistry aplenty in the wisecracking banter and the pacing is even. The narrative is well written and offers a lesson in history for those in need of a refresher.”

     -Kirkus Reviews

Berlin Calling… is fast-paced historical fiction from the first page to the last… The talented Durham weaves together in Berlin Calling a multitude of human strands–war, espionage, depravity, love, sex, violence, betrayal, and so much else widespread in Nazi bureaucracy–that make the book both entertaining and informative.”

     -Don McKale, author of Hitler’s Shadow War and Nazis After Hitler

Berlin Calling reminded me of something written by Ken Follett, especially with Maggie’s being such a likable heroine. I also felt notes of several other of my favorite authors, notably Leon Uris and Alan Furst.”

     -Chuck Driskell, author of The Diaries and Lahn’s Edge