Kelly Durham is The Author of Six Historical Fiction Novels Set During The 1930’s and 1940’s.

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I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Not because it was good, but because of the unique subject. I’ve read many a WWII book, but precious few exist about the post-war period, and none that deal with a prison guard’s interactions with the leaders of the Third Reich. It was a quick read that kept me enthralled–and taught me a few things.

– Chuck Driskell

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Kelly lives in Clemson, SC with his wife Yvonne, their daughters Mary Kate, Addison and Callie and their dog, George Marshall.

Kelly Durham is the author of six historical fiction novels set during the 1930s and 1940s.

  • The War Widow
  • Berlin Calling
  • Wade’s War
  • The Reluctant Copilot
  • The Movie Star and Me
  • Hollywood Starlet
  • Temporary Alliance 
Kelly lives in Clemson, SC with his wife Yvonne, their daughters Mary Kate, Addison and Callie and their dog, George Marshall.  A graduate of Clemson University, Kelly served four years in the US Army with assignments in Arizona and Germany before returning to Clemson and entering private business.  Contact him at
It’s 1938. Irish-American Maggie O’Dea is bright and beautiful—and she hates the English! Maggie falls for the dashing Kurt Engel and agrees to follow him to Berlin–provided he will help her find a job.
Somebody’s killing Russian expatriates and the FBI is running out of leads. The deeper the FBI digs, the more obstacles it encounters. Wade Brooks isn’t concerned about the capital’s crime rate. Not at all. Wade has fallen under the spell of Evelyn Graham, an alluring staff member of the British Embassy. Wade works for President Roosevelt’s top ally on Capitol Hill and is uniquely positioned to witness America’s tight rope walk between supporting the British and maintaining neutrality in the European War.
Bob Foster is the pilot of a 10-man B-17 crew–until suddenly he isn’t anymore! In a public relations maneuver, Lt. Harmon Roberts III, son of a US Senator, takes over Foster’s crew and Foster becomes his reluctant copilot. Roberts is just what the public affairs office needs: a handsome, articulate and well-connected pilot they can publicize to counter the heavy losses being suffered by the 8th Air Force. Now Foster’s job is to help make a hero out of the man who’s just stolen his command!
Army lieutenant John Petersen is a combat-weary soldier assigned to the International Military Tribunal. His job is to guard the highest ranking Nazi survivors, including Hermann Goering, and keep them alive until the tribunal can render its judgment. The War Widow follows Petersen from the battlefields of World War II to Nuremberg. There he discovers a shadowy, new world where intrigue, romance and a thriving Black Market intersect with the ripening conflict between East and West.
Frank Russell is a star-struck young Army veteran when he stumbles into a job at Pacific Pictures studios in Hollywood. Frank, just back from the war in the Pacific, immediately runs into the studio’s biggest stars, including the beautiful, ambitious Vera Vance—and gets off on the wrong foot! But when Frank demonstrates his leadership abilities to studio founder Abe Baum, relationships change quickly! Movie magic, labor strikes, HUAC committee hearings and the business of show business are revealed as a colorful cast of characters fight for their self-interests–with surprising results.
Movie star Vera Vance is an Academy Award nominee and one of the most sought after Hollywood leading ladies. It’s the 1930’s and a young and scrappy girl sets out for Hollywood Stardom because of family trouble. For the first time, Vera shares the story of her rise to motion picture royalty with syndicated columnist Joan Roswell in this newest edition to the Pacific Pictures series. Learn Vera’s deepest and darkest secrets, find out why her love life is so tumultuous, and get to know the woman beyond the fancy cars, Hollywood playboys, and glamorous Hollywood life. There’s so much more to this beautiful and talented actress and her road to stardom.
Frank Russell is back at Pacific Pictures overseeing the studio’s most ambitious motion picture ever—and battling with powerful Hollywood columnist Joan Roswell. Roswell, self-appointed morals guardian of the film community, is hot on the trail of a story that could sink Pacific’s new naval war epic.

Here’s What Readers Say About Kelly’s Books.

Wade’s War is wonderfully entertaining. Obviously, Kelly Durham is quite knowledgeable of the settings of time, events and place. The characters have depth and interesting personalities while the mysteries culminate in an ending that surprises. Just as interesting is the way the author involves James F. Byrnes, the South Carolina statesman who is often an overlooked hero for his efforts in helping the United States during World War II. As a main in character in “Wade’s War”, Jimmy Byrnes’ interactions with the fictional characters are a treat to read.
Bob Sounder
Its unusual plot line makes it enjoyable to read. It is a page turner and I stayed up late more than once just to “finish one more chapter.”
Wayne L. McVay
Very interesting. Of course I always knew about the Nuremberg trials, but had never heard or read anything about the “before”. The post war Germany and the lives of the military, prisoners and citizens came to life.
Edward K Crerar