Since I began working with Miriam Juskowicz and the Lake Union Publishing folks back in May, my book BERLIN CALLING has gone through several pre-publication phases including developmental editing, creation of promotional text, cover design and now copy editing.

In addition, as noted recently, I was also given the chance to provide some suggestions concerning the production of an audio book version of BERLIN CALLING.

The current phase of the process, copy editing, has been an eye-opener. Sarah, the copy editor has whipped the manuscript into conformance with style and format guidelines; everything from what to capitalize and when to the use of foreign language words. Because the book is set in Germany, the use of German words is common throughout the story. Sarah quickly applied grammar and usage rules to conform these words to accepted English usage and in doing so reduced the distraction that unfamiliar words might have otherwise produced. She also rescued me from numerous factual and historical errors by combing through the story and verifying details—everything from the day of the week of a given date to a minor detail in a movie plot!

The end result is a book scrubbed to prevent the kind of annoying errors that can sour a historical fiction fan and detract from the enjoyment of the story. The journey toward publication of my book BERLIN CALLING has reminded me that when I work with a team the end product is better than what I can achieve working alone.