Why I Write — Part 1

I’ve long been fascinated with World War II and the innumerable stories arising from it. The conflict reached from tiny villages in remote places to the major capitals of the world and ensnared hundreds of millions of people–and every one of them had a story.
Growing up, the stories that first captured my attention were those […]


June 6 marks the 72nd anniversary of D-Day, when the Allies invaded France in World War II. Seaborne invasions against a heavily fortified enemy are fraught with peril. The Allies had achieved air superiority. They had kept secret their invasion plans so that the Germans didn’t know where to concentrate their forces. The Allies also […]

Eight Years

I read one of those self-help articles once which advocated writing out your goals. The idea was if you committed that goal to paper, you were more likely to actually do the work to achieve said goal. Being young and impressionable, I took the advice and made a list, long since vanished, of what I […]